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April 4, 2022. I started taking on line classes on UTUBE on soap making, I am learning different techniques on how to pour soap to make different designs. The woman that runs Soap and Clay has themes for her soaps. She loves Harry potter so she created a dobby sock soap, she also made an emblem soap for his group. She loves Greys anatomy so she created a soap for each of those people. She also made zodiac soaps. And has made many different designs. I don’t think I will get that involved, but I am learning different techniques on soap making.
I have also learned to make Solid Dish Soap, that I will be running with my soap line. I am pouring 32 ozs of oils instead of 62 ozs. So these bars are shorter. I am also cutting them 1 1/2″ thick rather than an inch thick, so these bars are thick and short. I am making them different colors. The first batch I made was blue, over this past weekend I made a batch of orange and a batch of yellow. They all have the same scent Lavender Orange Spearmint. I cut these bars by hand, rather than use my soap cutter. These will be packaged rustic or primitive packaging.
I have used them. I put the whole bar in my empty dish pan, fill with water. It does not make a suds like traditional dish soap, it turns the water white, If you want suds you will have to agitate the water to force suds. I also take a scrubby and rub over bar and wash dishes with that. This soap cuts grease and cleans dishes and will be on the web site soon.
I really like it. I don’t wash dishes every day. We do have a dish washer, but I wash every so often because I made Solid Dish Soap.
I started making a cuticle Vitamin E stick. Its working very well on my cuticles. These are the same price as my scent stick and lip balms.
I also started making an Ukrainian Flag Soap, these are in 2 different scents Lavender Spearmint and Lemongrass Spearmint. I am donating $1.00 for each bar I sell of this soap to a local church collecting for Ukraine.
My newsletter subscription has grown a lot in this past year so I am planning on getting a newsletter out ever so often. I want to say once a week, but its taking a long time to distribute on line. Its been 18 hours and only at 56%. I have about 1200 describers.
Show season is starting up soon. My first show of the year is this month at Erie Convention Center at the foot of Sasafras Street. Its the Craft and Gift Show April 23 and 24, hours are Saturday 10 to 6, Sunday 11 to 4. See you there.


For 1 week only all fabric items in my etsy shop 25% off, the rest of my shop 15% off,
I worked on soap and bath products several times last week. I made Lavender Rosemary shampoo bars, coconut soap, cinnamon oatmeal soap, 2 batches of hotel soaps, lip scrubs, cuticle sticks. I worked on pads upstairs a few days, as well. its easy to make everything. It takes time to package everything.

New at my first show solid dish soap, I made them the same size in weight as my regular bars, so they are the same price, can mix and match as they say. Cuticle sticks are in black lip balm tubes, just rub on and rub in easy peasy. Keeps cuticles soft. Lip scrubs, made with oils, butters and sugar, put on let dry take off, use your regular, lip stick or lip balm. Removes dead skin

Coming soon a different scent and item on sale each week