About Jento Soaps

My Story

Twenty or so years ago I bought my first herb book. The more I read the more I wanted to read. I ended up with a whole library of herb books, well at least two bookshelves full. I wanted to start a cosmetic business, actually natural soaps. I fooled around with them for months for personal use. Growing and using herbs, I made soap a few times, many creams, bug repellant and suntan oil.

I was a single mom working two jobs, no time to really get involved with my hobby. In June of 1996 I met the love of my life. We married in March, of the following year. As time went by, I still practiced herbology, made soap, creams and teas. One day out of the blue I asked my husband if I could start a Soap Business. He supported me on this. We needed a name and a friend was helping me at the time, her name being Toni and mine being Jennie, we came up with Jento Soaps. After a few weeks, Toni got out of the business for personal reasons.

I made pure, natural  vegan soaps in my kitchen until everything started tasting like soap, I didn’t use the same pans for cooking that I used for soap but for some reason this happened. So my husband Doug set me up with a kitchen studio in the basement, which is where I  now spend a lot of time.

We started with a Glycerin Soap Base scenting and coloring, and molding it into bars. But this still wasn’t enough. I wanted to have a pure, natural soap from scratch that I could call my secret recipe. As time went by, I perfected a great natural homemade soap recipe that I use most often now. Has great lather even in hard water. Makes my skin soft, no more dry, flaky, skin.  I carried glycerin soap for a long time, but, as time went on I couldn’t do both so I switched to  pure natural homemade soaps.  I prefer to use  natural homemade soaps which I call old fashion soaps. (At the time it was  confusing between the two.)

As I did shows and my business grew, I began having a lot of requests for different natural products. I added items such as Lip Balms, Hand Cream, Body Powders.

As of spring of 05, I did away with the glycerin soap base. Don’t seem to have time to do both. I can specialize in cold process soaps now, we have over 40 different soaps, I keep adding new ones all the time. I  also have made natural soaps with shea butter and  use exotic oils in my lotions and pure natural soaps. . It takes me 7 hours to make  shampoo, but it is well worth the time, leaving my hair soft and shiny, no thickeners added, and made with several herbs. I make and sell several different products, so please take a look at what I offer.

I do not add any animal products of any kind to anything I make. All of our soaps are pure, natural and vegan soaps. Made with all vegtable oils such as coconut, palm, olive, ricebran, canola.

In 2008 I joined Harborcreek Auxiliary to organize The Harborcreek Fire Dept Craft Show,  to help raise money for the fire dept. I am also a member of the Ohio crafters Guild.

In 2012 I got voted in as Treasury of Harborcreek Fire Dept Auxiliary.

At the present time I do wholesale and retail at herb and craft shows and home parties If requested.

2019, where does the time go? At the present, I have kept my business small. I now babysit a great granddaughter 3 days a week, work a job 3 days a week and make soaps and bath products whenever I can. I still love making and selling homemade soaps and other products. All made with love. I am still selling at local craft shows, herb stores and gift shops, my web site. I also have an etsy store www.jentosoaps.etsy.com.