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 At Jento Soaps we strive to make pure products, with no chemicals added.  Substances applied to the skin are absorbed into the body and can cause a variety of reactions both beneficial as well as harmful.  For example, if a person puts a clove of garlic in their shoe, their breath will smell like garlic. It’s the rationale behind patches for smoking cessation and birth control.  It’s also why many people have severe systemic allergic reactions to topical body care products.

Natural soap has a high glycerin component which leaves the skin soft and moist. Larger commercial soap manufacturing companies separate soap, taking out the moisturizing glycerin and using it for other things such as cake decorating. Without glycerin, skin bathed with soap is dry, flaky, rough, but clean, removing all the natural oils the skin produces on its own.

Our “Old fashion Soaps” , Natural Soaps or Homemade Soaps, are made from pure vegetable oils, no animal products being used. We use four or five main oils in our homemade soaps, each having similar properties to the next, but each is different in some way. We try to create an affordable luxury item using natural ingredients.

When it comes to the products you put on your skin, how much do you really know about what goes into making them? You care about your skin, so you should care about what you put on it. All too often, skincare products are filled with irritating chemicals or substances that do the opposite of their intended use, such as drying out the skin. At Jento Soaps, we believe that nature holds all the ingredients we need to create products beneficial for the skin, body and mind.

For years we have been creating and perfecting quality, homemade natural luxury soaps & bath products in Erie, PA. Ignite your senses with delicious scents like Apple Jack, Cucumber Melon, Patchouli, Sandalwood and more. Our luxury homemade natural bath soaps will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and rejuvenated. Since we use quality ingredients, the products we make are intended to last. You’ll see for yourself – a little goes a long way!

 With a passion for creating luxury bath products, you can trust in Jento Soaps and products. We stand by our products and their performance and are pleased to use them ourselves. Our inventory includes nourishing soaps and lotions, shampoo and conditioners, silky lip balms, bath oils and so much more. To go along with these products, we also have unique specialty items such as our hand-crocheted soap bags, washcloths, rose petal soaps and more.

Care for your skin by using only the best, most natural products available. Jento Soaps are made from the finest ingredients with our customers in mind. View a list of stores our products are featured at as well as upcoming shows and events we will be attending. Also browse our collections of homemade, natural,  luxury soaps for purchase online. Give yourself or someone you love the gift of natural bath products from Erie, PA with the wonderful products found at Jento Soaps!




Our hand creams are thick, and come in a jar.  Only use a small amount - approx. 3 drops. This small amount will make a big difference in how your hands feel comparable to other creams.

We have over 40 scents to choose from for your  natural soap, lotion, creams, and body powders.  Some are pure plant and flower essential oils. Hundreds of pounds of botanicals are compressed, squeezing out the oils. Each of these oils has its own properties as well. Some oils are too expensive to get from plant oils, these man made scents are fragrance oils. Some of these oils have over 200 ingredients added to get the scent desired.

God has provided us with everything we need to make homemade natural soaps and other products. Get back to nature and try some of our beautiful formulas.



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