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Thanks again for a wonderful product.  Your jewelweed soap and lotion are the only thing that gives me relief from poison ivy.
Got my order today.  Thanks too for the fast shipping.
DJ Mcintosh


I bought the lemon grass body oil in hopes of keeping the bugs away from my 3 yr old. They so love her! However the oil itself DID work at keeping them at bay, my daughter did not like the oily feel. I contacted Jennie and asked how to make it into a spray, by adding witch hazel and distilled water to a spray bottle along with the lemongrass oil I now have an AMAZING bug spray that is not harmful and smells delightful! I have gotten everyone in my family addicted to it! I also purchased the jewel weed salve for the occasional bug bites (works great at taking the "sting" out of bee stings!) and other ouchies, and it works beautifully as well! I am sooo pleased with these products that this year at Waterford days I purchased more! Thank you Jento soaps for making such healthy and effective products!! Keep up the good work! 
Leigh Williams



Hi Jennie, 
Yes, sure you can use my comment on your website. I love my soap (pumpkin spice) too. It lasts a long time! Had to place an order for those kitty pillows because my 3 cats all want it at the same time!! My cats love the kitty pillow I purchased from
you at craft fair. They have other ones purchased elsewhere but they ignore
them.  Yours is their favorite!
Eileen L., Olean NY

I tried all kinds of soaps, even those top brands with lotions and cocoa butter added, nothing worked my skin was so dry, and  itchy all the time. Even when I used lotions from those big manufacturers, it didn't help, I threw so many bottles away or gave away, because it made my skin itch.Thats' when I decided to make homemade soap.  Since that first batch, my skin is no longer dry or itchy, now its soft and pliable.  If my skin was dry from using cheap soap, I knew other people skin must also be dry and sensitive. I gave several bars away, when persons wanted to buy more, thats when Jento Soaps was born.
Jennie Binney
Creator and Owner of Jento Soaps
Erie, Pa.

I first tried these soaps when I stayed at my dad and step mom's house. I loved them so much they gave me a bar. The next time my step mom ordered I asked her to get me some too. These soaps last forever and they leave your skin feeling smooth and mousturized. Other than knowing they are made from excellent ingredients, my favorite thing about these soaps are their scents! I ran out a long time ago and I finally ordered some. I can't wait to get my Jento soap!'
 S. Littlefield
New York

I was approached from David Bramondo about doing a segment on soap making. He and his camera man were here more than 2 hours. He did the segment on Route 24 for WJET NEWS, it can be seen at Route 24-Jento Soaps

Jennie Binney

This is absolutely the best soap. I Recomend the soap to anyone with allergies or sensitive skin.
Brenda Cagara
Erie, Pa.

"I have been using Jento Soaps for many years now. Before that, I was using commercially available brands that dry and irritate your skin. I was looking for a better alternative and so I began my search. I have tried many other handmade soaps made by a variety of people. The reasons I have stuck with Jento Soaps are the bars are the best quality and the best value. I also love the variety of scents they offer. My son, who has sensitive skin only uses these soaps and my husband uses the Jewelweed after he comes in from working outside. Prior to this, he would frequently get poison ivy. Since using the soaps for over one and a half years; he has been poison ivy free!! Whatever you are searching for, whether it be a natural product, something good for your skin, or one that is suitable for sensitive skin... Jento Soaps has what you're looking for!"

Munson, Ohio


"I have never experienced any soap as invigorating as the cinnamon orange.  It's my absolute favorite.  It smells wonderful and has pumice, so I can use it to gently exfoliate.  My skin feels and smells great after using it.  I am careful not to run out!  I love many of the other scents as well.  These are great products, and I have done business with Jennie for over ten years.  I don't know what I would do without Jento Soaps! 
Thanks, Jennie!"


"Now that I've used the shampoo and conditioner with the earthy Eucalyptus and Lavender scents, I don't think I can live without it.  It leaves my hair healthy and natural and the experience is like a world-class spa treatment.  The scents of these products are truly addicting!"



"Hi Jennie - I would be happy to comment!  I first purchased your soap at the Peak 'n Peek Fall Festival several years ago.  Since then I use no other soap in the shower!  What I like best about the soap is the very natural quality of the fragrances;  they are never harsh or perfume-like; they leave a very subtle scent on my skin.  The soap leaves my skin feeling clean and never oily or greasy.  I like that some of the soaps have natural exfoliants (the little pieces of plants and herbs!) - especially the Patchouli.  As time goes on I am trying to incorporate fewer chemicals into my life in all areas.  Your soaps are a big part of that - thank you."

"We love your soap - never leaves us feeling dry, smells wonderful, lasts a very long time. Guess you can tell since we keep ordering more!

Feel free to quote us. It's all true!"

Mike & Linda Davis

Just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love the soaps- lavender and honey and oats and the hand lotion- lavender that i purchased at the recent St. Johns Craft Show. Also bought the Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Soap, but haven't tried it yet.
Thanks for making such great products.
Patti W.

Your soap is the best, lasts longer than any other I've tried.
Cindy K.



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