We use the purest scent possible. Please take the time to go through all of them. We make "made-to-order powders and sachets. You choose the scent and we will make the product.  Pure Essential Oils are noted with "(eo)". 

oap- we make cold processed, you must order a minimum of 4 bars at $4.00 a bar. We will make to your specifications, scent, color and additives. These will be a 1 lb. loft, we can cut into any size bar you would like or leave whole, extra labels will be an additional cost.

Apple Jack* - A fresh apple cinnamon blend. Mulled cider in the autumn, so fresh you can almost taste the mackintosh, and hear the leaves crunch under your feet

Caribbean Coconut - a rich creamy blend of tropical coconut.

Cucumber Melon * - Best Seller. Crisp green cucumbers and fresh cantaloupe with a smattering of florals in the background

Lavender - Best Seller. The classic. Considered great for skin. Relaxing and soothing. (eo)

Lilac (True) * - One of the first scents of spring. Sweet musky and true. Inhale this and "be" in the lilac arbor.

Oatmeal, Milk and Honey * Best Seller - blend of oatmeal, milk, honey, and almond

Patchouli - Best Seller. If you are a Patchouli fan, this is the real deal. Earthy and deep, straight from the plant. Mysterious and complex (eo)

Peppermint - like mouthwash for the body - a fresh waker upper! (eo

Rosemary - Wake up with the delightfully aromatic scent of rosemary a minty herbal scent (eo)

Sandalwood * - Ancient and mysterious scent revered by all who experience it! Said to enhance meditation aphrodisiac....deep and luscious

Sweet Pea * - Best Seller. Innocent and fresh - spring itself. Sweet, mild scent, not over bearing.

Sweet Rose Petals * - Closest I have found to a real rose scent. You will be covered in rose petals.

Tea Tree - Best Seller. Clean and medicinal, tea tree is considered antifungal. Great for teen skin.  (eo)

Vanilla * - exotic yet simple - classic. 




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