Special  Day Gift Set- Treat Mom to a Special Gift Set made especially for her... Consists of  1- 8 oz. lotion, 2 homemade soaps, 2 bath bombs. All in the same scent. Also may contain a body sponge, wash cloth or a soap bag. Placed is a beautiful cloth bag $20.00 Buy Now
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Fun for Kids

 A small hand crochet purse,measures about 4 3/4 x 5 1/4 (depending on thickness of yarn might be a bit bigger.) Inside you will find a 1.5 oz. lotion, 18 ml. body mist, 1/2 bar of soap,a lip balm and a page of stickers. All for only $12.00. Makes a great gift for Birthday, Easter, Christmas or just to spoil a child or adult.  Not intended for Children under 4.
Colors from top to bottom are pink, neon, neon stripes, black light.
Choose from Love spell, Lavender (essential oil), Cucumber melon or Concord  Grape. (may choose any of our soap scents.  We will make it especially for you)
$12.00 Buy Now

A Little Perfection

Enough fragrance and skin soothing to send your senses soaring. This little basket packs a big wallop. You choose the fragrance (mix or match OR all one) and we'll pack it up.....  

(2) 4 oz. Bars of our homemade Soap, (1) 4 oz. Body Powder, (1) Sachet & (1) Body Sponge. Scent of choice.     Price $15.00   BUY NOW


Luxury Home Spa Kit

Your Body will thank you for being so thoughtful! This large sampling of our products will make you daydream about getting into that tub. A wonderful gift for a friend - or yourself.....
(2) 4 oz. Bar of our homemade Soap, (1) 4 oz. Body Powder, (1) 8 oz. lotion (1)  Lip Balm, (5) Sachet & (1) Body Sponge. All in the same scent.  Price: $24.00  BUY NOW


Something Sweet 

These 4 luscious soaps come with their own body sponge - just the thing to brighten up someone's day. Choose the scents, or let us.....

An Assortment of  Soaps totaling 16 oz. of your choice, (1) Body Sponge.  Price: $18.00  BUY NOW


Pampered Soul

From head to toe, your hair and skin will be revived and invigorated with the lush bounty in this basket.....

 (1) 8 oz. Shampoo, (1) 8 oz. Conditioner , (4) 4 oz. Bars of  Soap, (1) 4 oz. Body Powder, (1) 8 oz. Body Lotion,  (4) Sachet & (1) Body Sponge.  Price: $35.00 
  BUY NOW   *


DSCN1392.JPG (596130 bytes) Soap Set

Get 22 Bars of our Best sellers at one reduced price.11 scents,  2 of each . All made with vegetable oils. Scents include Amber Myrrh, Honey Almond, Lavender,  Love Spell, Nag Champa, Patchouli, Peppermint Rosemary, Rose Petals, Sandalwood, Sweet Pea, Tea Tree.  Price $54.00  Buy Now


The Ultimate Delight

This basket contains a little bit of everything we make. You'll love the way the hand cream feels as your lips revel under our silky lip balm, and your body soaks away the cares of the day in a tub filled with water fragrance with oil or a chocolate bath melt... Finish the experience with sweet powder and a touch of a scent stick. This basket is filled with pleasure that goes on and on...

Choose from Earthy (patchouli, sandalwood, nag champa, egyptian  musk), Floral ( rose, sweet pea, jasmine, lilac), Fruity (cucumber melon, love spell, mango & peach), Food ( vanilla, honey & oats honey almond, oatmeal, milk and honey), Herbal (lavender, Patchouli (herbal and earthy), spearmint eucalyptus, rosemary mint, rosemary peppermint , tea tree), Men (drakkar noir,  very sexy) , sexy woman, or any soap scent we make.

 8 oz. Shampoo, 8 oz. Conditioner, 12 bars of homemade soap(2) of each scent category, (4) 8 oz. lotion each scent category though out (4) jars hand cream, (4) 4 oz. body powder, hand crocheted soap bag and washcloth,  (2) lip balms, (4) scent sticks, (4) perfume oils, body sponge. choose the scents, or let us know.  Price $150.00.  BUY NOW



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