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Try one of our vegan products below; We do not use animal parts in any form. Our natural formulas contain beeswax as our thickener in several of our recipes.
Most of our homemade creams and lotions have a natural body soap with the same scent, can purchase a set. Natural Body Soap and  hand cream or Homemade Soaps and Lotions



Jewelweed Salve
Jewelweed known to counteract poison ivy rash. We have had great success with the soap for rashes, so we decided to make a salve  Contains beeswax, olive oil and infused jewelweed. Overstock Sale, all 1 oz. Jars, Regular price $5.00.
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Get a larger size 6 oz jar  $22.50
  Arnica Salve
Something new. We have been making Comfrey salve for our customers. One step better. Arnica with Comfrey. We also infuse Lavender, Rosemary, Chamomile and Peppermint with pure olive oil and used beeswax as our thickener and Juniper berries essential oil for our fragrance and Vitamin E. Over stock all our 1 oz. jars of salves are on sale. Regular price $6.95. glass jar
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Get in Larger size 6 oz.jar $22.50
  Tea Tree Salve
Tea Tree is great for many ailments. Contains Almond and Sunflower oils, Tea tree essential, Vitamin E. 1 oz. jar  on sale  Regular price $3.00.
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Get in larger size 6 oz. $16.00
  Peppermint Foot & Hand Lotion. Made like the lotion below using almond, grapeseed and jojoba oil. We placed in a jar added jojoba beads, Peppermint and Tea Tree  Essential oils. Lovely. 7 oz. jar $6.00. Buy Now

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Body Lotion
Made with exotic oils, No greasy residue left behind. Leaves skin feeling soft.  Choose from  Concord Grape,Honey Almond, Lavender, Love Spell, Patchouli and Pumpkin Spice. . Special orders welcome. 8 oz. $6.00 a bottle Buy Now!
Add the homemade soap, same scent as the lotion. $9.00
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Body Powder

Body Powders
Does not contain talc. Made with All Natural ingredients, Makes skin feel silky and does the job of powder. Our most popular scents are Cucumber Melon,   Lavender, Patchouli, Rose Petals, and Sweet Pea . 4 oz.   
Our vegan formula
: arrowroot, cornstarch, kaolin clay, fragrance oil.  $5.00 each.
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Lip Balm
More like a gloss than a balm, but solid enough to be in a tube.
Ingredients: Almond, coconut, and  jojoba oils, shea butter, beeswax, stevia, (as sweetener), Vitamin E.
Choose from Concord  Grape, Cotton Candy, Lemon,  Plain, Peppermint, Strawberry Cream, Vanilla, Wintergreen Mint.    .15 oz. tube $3.00   Buy Now!


  Body Oil
All Natural body oil. Just rub into skin wherever needed. This is a strong scented oil. Comes in 3 scents.  All 3 contain almond oil, organic sunflower oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, glycerine, vitamin E. Luscious Lemon-Grass, citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, peppermint, lemon eucalyptus, spearmint, and lavender essential oils. Calming Lavender,  lavender, ylang ylang, ravensara essential oils. Enchanted Patchouli  patchouli essential oil.
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Body Butter
For a silky feel, with just a tiny bit. May use on body, unscented on lips, dry spots,  Just rub on where ever needed. Great for elbows and knees. Shea butter  known as moisturizers for dry skin. You may choose a scent or leave the natural scent. 1 oz. jar
Our vegan formula: shea butter, almond oil, vitamin E 
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Get in larger size 6 oz. $17.75
SSCN1116.JPG (29967 bytes) Aroma Oils
Scented oil in a roller bottle 1/3 oz. Ingredients almond oil, jojoba oil, fragrance or essential oil. $5.00 each
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  Scent Stick
(Perfume Stick) Use in place of perfume. Small and convenient can be placed in small places. Made with an almond oil base. Our best sellers are Nag Champa,  Lavender, Patchouli. .15 oz. 
 Ingredients:  almond oil beeswax, vitamin E, fragrance oil. $3.00 each. Sale $1.50 each. Perfect Gift for that someone special. Match up with a soap or lotion. Buy Now!
SSCN1698.JPG (29777 bytes) Silky Hand Cream
Our hand cream makes your hands feel silky soft. Just a dab will do.
May be used on any part of the body. Our secret ingredient is shea butter. Also contains aloe vera and Vitamin E.  One of our best sellers at craft shows. Once you try it you will love it. Choose from cucumber melon or lavender mint.  Ingredients: almond oil, aloe vera gel, shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, borax, sodium lactate, preservative, Vitamin E.  2 oz. jar
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We use a small amount of concentrate, to a large amount of water, adding protein, jojoba oil, Vitamins C & E. Scented with Lavender, Rosemary and Tea Tree Essential oils. 
 *Or choose unscented, if you would like we can scent it for you from one of our soap scents, please specify in comments section of the shopping cart
8 oz. $5.00 each
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All natural, freshly made shampoo, made with horsetail, coltsfoot, peppermint, henna, rosemary, lavender, several other herbal infusions and aloe vera. With added oils for conditioning and cleansing. Leaves hair soft and shiny. Scented with Lavender, Rosemary and Tea Tree Essential oils. 
*Or choose unscented, if you would like we can scent it for you from one of our soap scents, please specify in comments section of the shopping cart
8 oz.  $5.00 each.
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Bath Bombs
I started making bath bombs this year. My Coworkers asked me to make them. "Nothing like soaking and relaxing after a long night of work". I make these in 6 different scents, Grape, Honey Almond, Love Spell, Lavender, Patchouli, and Charcoal with lavender and Tea tree essential oils. $4.00 each or 3 for $10.00 Buy Now!
  Magnesium Lotion
I learned that most people are deficant in Magnesium. . Our soil isn't what it once was rich and chemical free. This lotion is made with my regular lotion recipe and at the very end I add Magnesium oil.
Magnesium absorbs through the skin and helps with so many functions in the body. I use it for muscle cramps.
I make this lotion in 3 different scents, Cinnamon, Spearmint Eucalyptus and Tea Tree. 8oz. bottle. $10.00 Buy Now

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